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the official elemenope online store!
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the elemenope store

thanks for visiting the official elemenope online store! we soon plan to move to our own web site, but this will do for now!


hi! my name is lix and i'm sixteen living in the metropolis of miami, florida.

elemenope is currently run by me alone. i began drawing elemenope characters and comics quite some time and only because so many people liked them, i decided to make a business venture!

all payments must be in the currency of US dollars.

methods accepted:
☆ concealed cash (most preferred at the moment, but at your own risk!)
paypal (only for orders $8 and up)
☆ money orders

this means NO personal checks.

shipping + handling
i ship AFTER i recieve payment.

shipping prices for US customers are added once i see what you're ordering.

if you are located elsewhere, please make me aware so i can re-calculate your shipping!

do you handmake everything for sale?
yes, i do! and everything is made with love.

how will my things arrive?
i package using small bubblemailers, clasp envelopes, or regular envelopes depending on the size/fragileness of your item(s).

will you put something on hold for me?
yes, but i can only hold something for a maximum of three days!

when will you mail out my order?
i usually try to send things out as soon as possible. if the item you want is unavailable or being re-made just for you, it may take a bit longer. either way, you can check the elemenope mailbox to see if your package has been sent yet!

i go to school with you/live in miami! is it possible for me to just pick up my order so i don't have to pay shipping?
yes! that can definately be arranged. let me know in the "comments" part of your order form.

i was being too rough with my item and it broke!! T___T
oh noooo! if you absolutely positivly cannot live without it, you may email me ( mail.elemenope@gmail.com) and we can arrange for you to send it back to me along with a $1 shipping charge. after being in the elemenope hospital you'll get it back all nice again!

may i have a refund/exchange?
yes, but only if your item arrives damaged. if it does arrive damaged, it would be great for me if you could snap a picture of it so i can improve my packaging. T_T and exchanges are just too much work. o_O

will you trade anything for something of mine?
eek, i'm afraid i don't do trades. sorry!

will you customize something for me/take a commission?
no, i don't do that! sorry!

you're fantastic! where do i leave feedback?
thank you!!! feedback is much appreciated. <3 leave it here!

if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact me!

email: mail.elemenope@gmail.com
aim: hi elemenope